Educating the Mind

I have just completed reading The Anatomy of Peace from The Arbinger Institute. The book follows on from their previous publication Leadership and Self-Deception that introduced the concept of self-deception where we can either treat people as objects or people with feelings like us in the context of the workplace. Note: If you are going to purchase the first book make sure you get the second edition from 2010 as Amazon directs you to the old edition.

The second book treats the topic of self-deception in more depth by bringing in the concept of whether your heart is at peace or war and introducing the philosophy behind it in the context of personal relationships. Examples are provided of the ‘boxes’ we get out ourselves into and a framework is provided to help yourself and others get ‘out of the box’.

Steven Wheelright, Senior Associate Dean from Harvard Business School said “Phenomenal…compelling…vivid…poignant. This is a book that every manager, teacher, advisor, and parent should read and apply.” This is something I can agree with – we teach our future leaders in Universities the technical knowledge for their chosen career, get them to work in teams but not actually teach how their personal relationships in the workplace also needs to be learnt and practised to be fully effective in life. I wish I had been given such a book 30 years ago as it would have made me more effective in all aspects of my life.

Finally, a thought from a great philospher – Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. (Aristotle)

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