Protect Your Pictures

Album SettingsI have written about protecting what is published publicly on social media in the previous posts A Social Network Time-bomb for Students and the The Illusion of Facebook Blocking but people forget even their profile pictures can be abused. It is so simple to share photos with family and friends but there are many examples of how photos can be abused so you need to protect them appropriately.

An article article written for the BBC in December shows a real example of photos being re-used to draw people into pornographic sites and being used for spam bots around the world. The article from The Cyber Safety Lady blog gives even more reasons for protecting photos of our family from being shared on the internet as there is evidence of re-use by paedophiles. It provides some excellent guidelines to follow.

Cyber Safety BookThe Cyber Safety Lady blog also publishes an ebook with lots of great advice and the What is Privacy? blog also offers guidance on checking your Facebook settings.

Other blogs record misuse of their photos and this blogger offers sensible advice “Recheck privacy settings on each social network you use. Some albums need to be shared with just a few people while some photos are alright to share with the whole wide world. You need to decide this.”

For your family holiday albums or photos with your close friends there is no need to let everyone have access. Setup groups in Facebook and restrict access to only those that you trust to have access. In most cases there is no need for all your ‘friends’ to have access and there is no limit on the number of groups you can setup.

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