Disaster Recovery is about Business Process Recovery not IT Infrastructure Recovery

So often the basic principles of Disaster Recovery are forgotten when planning and testing. Too often the focus is put on the recovery of the network and IT infrastructure without taking into account the underlying reason for recovery is to ensure continued operation of the business processes in the event of a disaster. If only the IT and network infrastructure is considered the basic infrastructure will be recovered quickly but not the capability to continue operation of the business processes.

DR Model

To help visualise what is involved I have created a simple model showing the layers needing to be considered. It starts with the business processes supported by an IT application hosted on a network and IT infrastructure managed and supported from physical locations.

At each of these layers in the model people are needed to recover and operate the ongoing service. To make this effective strong governance with clear leadership needs to be in place to ensure rapid recovery.

The IT Architecture of the Network and IT Infrastructure can only guide how the Applications above can recover. The people and systems interfaces driving the Business Processes define the data flows and order of recovery for the infrastructure below. Only by planning and testing the business processes top-down can ensure effective and efficient recovery in the event of a disaster.

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