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The Dangers of Cyber-Bullying [Infographic]

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A useful reminder of the impact even that even affects people of all ages. The Official Blog of View original post Advertisements

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Progressive Disaster Recovery Testing

As a follow-on from my previous post Disaster Recovery is about Business Process Recovery not IT Infrastructure Recovery I wanted to talk about the sort of DR testing required. Many companies are very aware of the need for disaster recovery … Continue reading

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Fast, Flexible and Secure Cloud Backup

I have been using Jungle Disk for years now to transparently perform backups on multiple home computers. I have been happy because the backups went to Amazon S3, it has its own unique private key for backup, it stored multiple … Continue reading

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Disaster Recovery is about Business Process Recovery not IT Infrastructure Recovery

So often the basic principles of Disaster Recovery are forgotten when planning and testing. Too often the focus is put on the recovery of the network and IT infrastructure without taking into account the underlying reason for recovery is to … Continue reading

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Architecture Patterns Across Disciplines

I have spent a good few weeks over the past few months examining the flow of data for a data storage solution. The purpose was to find the bottlenecks in the data being transported between locations that are several hundred … Continue reading

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Managing Virus Outbreaks with a Trusted Inventory

It was some years ago there was a worm outbreak at a client we had just started managing where we urgently needed to identify every server infected and work on a plan to remove the worm using our own custom … Continue reading

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Slide Presentation Quick Tips

I was getting bored today and picked out the top tips from my slides on using logic in presentations to put them into a 15 second Instagram video. Let me know if you like it. I already have several ideas … Continue reading

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